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0121 227 5028


Treat your true love to a luxurious and confidence-boosting makeover photoshoot with our friendly all-girl team at the famous DOLLHOUSE studio in central Birmingham, England.


Spoil her with a beautiful makeover by an expert stylist accompanied by cocktails, wine or soft drinks, followed by her choice of stunning lingerie sets from our 'Wardrobe of Dreams' which features an incredible collection of designer lingerie sets in sizes UK 6 - 26 - no need for a shopping spree before the shoot! 


Then, she will experience an incredible photoshoot fully directed from start to finish by our lovely female photographer, who will even demonstrate the sultry poses to her before she is photographed.

Her beautiful boudoir photos will be emailed hi res (large files for enhanced image quality) in around 10 working days after the photoshoot. 

Your lady will enjoy a confidence boosting day of beauty and girly time with our team of professional but friendly girls who understand she will be nervous to come for a shoot. We know what it's like to have body hang ups (we all have them!) and we know the best tricks to pose ladies to slim the figure and create a more hourglass shape - and there's no need to worry about covering the tummy or areas of 'orange peel' as it will all be beautifully lit to make her look amazing and then edited in the final photos to create flawless but not 'overly airbrushed' images. It's our job to make our clients comfortable and feel at ease, as well as having fun! 



Full Hair & Make Up Professional Makeover


Expertly retouched images with

extravagant and luxurious boudoir backgrounds edited in seamlessly

Total duration: Around 2-3 hours

  • No Hidden Costs or 'after-sell' -  The price includes the shoot AND the images.

  • 1 hour Professional Hair & Make Up Makeover including lashes to keep, and use of our clip in hair extensions (optional).


  • Choice of a beautiful outfit from our incredible wall-to-wall lingerie wardrobe (sizes XS-XL available).


  • Professional Photoshoot with female photographer with 3-4 poses (all guided by her) on a beautiful set.

  • The 2 best images professionally retouched, (ladies receive a 3rd edited image if they come for their shoot in Feb 2018) each image is supplied in colour and black and white - seamless retouching without the 'overly airbrushed' look. We'll remove cellulite, muffin tops, scars/bruises/spots/uneven skintone, reduce lines & wrinkles (to a believable level), smooth the silhouette, enhance toning as well as a few other secret but subtle tricks to make a woman look flawless but still like her at her most beautiful!

  • Images supplied hi res (high quality) 10 days after the shoot  - all images include luxurious boudoir backgrounds.

  • Purchase of this photoshoot package comes with a beautifully personalised gift certificate sent via email.

  • Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months - however vouchers redeemed for late February 2018 will allow the bearer to an extra edited image free, worth £100!

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